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I’m Jim Taylor, CEO, of Pawnee Computer and Internet Services (PCIS). I would like PCIS to help you, with your computer needs. We have three main categories of service.

  1. Home User: We are able to help you with your home computer needs. Such as fixing a virus infected computer, crashed hard drive, or adding more memory.
  1. Corporate Information Technology, IT: We have experience in Firewall, Routers, Switches, installation and maintenance. Networking, from the physical wires (wireless) and equipment, to the Network Operating systems and servers themselves. We also have corporate Backup Services, where we will make sure your data is safe off site.
  1. Internet Hosting: We provide Web Hosting, Web Design, and E-Mail Hosting. Utilizing the latest Operating Systems, and applications, such as Windows 2003 servers, PHP, MySQL, and IMAIL. We don’t farm out our hosting to other companies. Our hosting is done on our servers located in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

We are available to help you with your computer problems. I have over 22 years computer experience, and my staff, have many years of experience in there respective trades.

References are available.

We look forward to serving you.

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